Garbage Disposal Tips

The holiday season is approaching, and here are Garbage Disposal tips for you to follow this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Using Your Garbage Disposal Properly

The holiday season is upon us with great food, friends, and family. Great parties and getting together to enjoy holiday feasts. During the holidays, people use the garbage disposal to scrape turkey dinner scraps and other food off their plate and into the sink drain. Overloading your disposal with food particles should be avoided. Incorrect use can lead to garbage disposal damage, backed up drains, pipe leaks and disaster.

Rules for Garbage Disposal Use

You can avoid garbage disposal problems by following a few simple rules.

1. Always run cold water when using your diposal. When food waste into the sink drain, make sure to run water a few seconds before and after using to make sure you successfully get all of the food debris through the drainage system.

2. Do not put these food items into the garbage disposal. Chicken bones, coffee grinds, egg shells,cooking grease and lard. These foods can clog the drain or damage the disposal’s blades and cause a backup.

3. Clean, sharpen blades, and maintain your garbage disposal by running ice cubes through the system. This will scour the walls clean, sharpen the blades, and helps get rid of bad odors. Also, running a little bit of salt and dish soap down with the ice can also help clean the disposal. Cleaning and maintaining your disposal will keep you problem free in the future. If you end up experiencing clogs, leaks, strange sounds, or other damage problems call your local plumber immediately.

Garbage Disposal Tips

If you do experience garbage disposal trouble, call the Garbage Diposal King – King Rooter & Plumbing. Trying to repair the broken garbage disposal or clogged drain yourself could lead to further damage that will leave your sink broke and out of commission longer.

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Call King Rooter & Plumbing or submit a request online for any of your garbage disposal plumbing, drain, or sewer repair needs, or to receive more information. Call to compare our rates, fast scheduling, and quality of service.

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