NuCure Pipe Lining

King Rooter & Plumbing, a leading Denver & Boulder Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining plumbing company, is proud to announce it has invested in the NuCure Pipe Lining system, the latest curing technology for CIPP pipe relining.

NuFlow Technologies has partnered with Pro-Kanal to create an evolutionary leap in light curing technology for pipe lining. Pro-Kanal’s Double Helix, low voltage, LED UV light core technology has been combined with NuFlow’s proprietary Cold Cure UV resins and the NuCure Cold Cure UV-LED system. As a result, curing times have been significantly reduced from hours to minutes.

Speed of Curing

UV liners cure much faster than the alternative curing methods. Whereas an ambient cure requires 8 to 10 hours of processing time and thermal curing requires 2 hours, UV curing can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Higher Quality Pipe Lining Installation

The NuCure Pipe Lining curing system allows plumbers to focus on the quality of the pipe lining installation without the stress of racing against the clock. Faster curing time results in less resin slumping for a more consistent wall thickness and less resin bleed-off, wash out, emulsification, or other adverse impacts from site conditions prior to curing.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Sewer Repair

Trenchless Pipe Lining sewer repair eliminates the need for digging big trenches on your property. Pipe lining reduces restorative costs, creates less waste, and extends the life of your sewer and drain lines. King Rooter & Plumbing’s NuFlow trenchless sewer repair can help you keep your mind at ease.

Benefits of NuFlow’s trenchless sewer pipe lining repair:

  • No damage to landscaping, exterior, or interior structures
  • No excavation and trench digging
  • Faster installation and repair times
  • Cost-effective

With traditional sewer pipe repair methods, large trenches need to be dug up, creating inconvenience and a mess. Afterwards, the trench had to be filled back up and the yard, landscaping, and structures would be restored as best as possible. This is a time consuming process and costs more in the long run.

Before this technology when needing to replace or repair broken pipes, large trenches would need to be dug up by a team of people at your home or business creating inconvenience and leaving the area a mess. After repairing the problem that same team would fill up the trench or try to put things back in order. With trenchless pipelining sewer repair you can eliminate this stress and cost.

About King Rooter & Plumbing

King Rooter & Plumbing is the exclusive and certified installer for NuFlow’s pipelining system in the Denver and Boulder metro areas. They have been providing complete plumbing, sewer, drain, and water heater services to residential and commercial customers since 2006. The plumbing company has a BBB A+ Rating, is HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved, and has hundreds of positive reviews from customers. King Rooter has both a Masters Plumbing and Plumbing Contractor’s License in Colorado.

About NuFlow Technologies

NuFlow Technologies was established in 1998, manufacturing and installing trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions. Today, NuFlow Technologies manufactures, installs and distributes cost-effective epoxy lining products for both pressurized water systems with epoxy coating and structural liners for non-pressurized piping systems.


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