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Water is fundamental to our lives - from our morning cup of coffee to our nightly skincare routine. So when your tap water starts to taste strange or leaves that pesky residue on dishes, it doesn't just ruin a drink or meal. It interrupts life's simple pleasures. In Boulder, CO, pristine water is more than an expectation, it's a lifestyle, and you shouldn't have to settle for less. But what's behind this off-tasting water? Sometimes it's mineral buildup, local contaminants, or even an aging plumbing system. That's where King Rooter & Plumbing steps in. We specialize in water filtration installation, ensuring every drop from your faucet is crisp, clean, and refreshing. Leveraging the latest in filtration technology and understanding Boulder's unique water conditions, we're here to transform your water experience from murky to magnificent.


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Our Water Filtration Services in Boulder, CO

At King Rooter & Plumbing, our commitment is ensuring every drop of water in your Boulder home is as pure as it should be. Here’s a breakdown of the top-tier services we offer to make that a reality:

Water Filtration Installation

Starting Fresh, Starting Pure!

The foundation of great tasting and clean water begins with a professional installation. With expertise specific to Boulder’s water conditions, we ensure your filtration system is set up for optimal performance from day one.

Water Filtration Repair

Bringing Your System Back to its Peak

A hiccup in your water filtration system can have immediate effects on your water quality. Our experienced team swiftly addresses these hitches, getting your system back to its pristine condition.

Comprehensive Water Filtration System Diagnostics

Understanding Before Taking Action

When things seem off, it’s vital to know why. We dive deep, analyzing your system to determine the root cause. By pinpointing the problem, we can craft a solution that’s both effective and efficient.

Replacement of Filters and Parts

Only the Best for Boulder Homes

Your filtration system is as good as its components. As filters and parts wear out, we step in with high-quality replacements, ensuring your water remains consistently pure.

Leak Detection and Repair in Filtration Systems:

No Drop Goes to Waste

Leaks can be both sneaky and harmful. With our keen eye for detection, we identify and patch up any leaks, making sure your system remains water-efficient and your home damage-free.


Cleaning and Flushing of Filtration Systems:

Rejuvenate Your System

Just like any system, your water filtration unit can benefit from a good clean. We purge out sediments and minerals that can hinder performance, ensuring your water flows pure and your system lasts longer.


Emergency Water Filtration Repair Services:

Anytime, Any Day – We’ve Got You!

Clean water can’t wait. Whether it's a late-night hiccup or an early-morning glitch, our emergency team is on standby. We’ll swoop in, sort it out, and make sure you're back to enjoying the pure, refreshing water you love.


Signs That You Need Water Filtration


Clean, pure water is a fundamental necessity for a healthy lifestyle. It affects everything from our daily hydration to the water we use in cooking and cleaning. However, many of us take it for granted that our tap water is free from impurities. But the reality? Sometimes, the water flowing from our faucets isn’t as pristine as we'd like. Wondering if your home needs a filtration system? Here are some telltale signs that your water might benefit from a little extra care and filtration:

Unpleasant Tastes or Odors: If your tap water has a metallic taste, smells like chlorine, or simply tastes "off," it's a sign that contaminants may be present.

Murky or Discolored Water: Clean water should be clear. Any cloudiness or unusual coloration suggests impurities.

Scale Buildup: If you notice chalky deposits on your appliances or fixtures, it could be due to hard water minerals. A water softener or filter can combat this.

Stained Laundry: If your clothes are coming out of the wash with stains or they feel hard and scratchy, it could be due to minerals or rust in your water.

Frequent Plumbing Issues: A higher-than-normal rate of pipe leaks or clogs can indicate mineral deposits building up in your pipes.

Skin and Hair Concerns: Dry skin, brittle hair, or itchy scalp after showering can be due to chlorine or other contaminants in your water.

Stomach Upsets: If you or family members experience frequent stomach discomfort after drinking tap water, it may be contaminated.

Spots on Dishes and Glassware: Noticeable spots or a cloudy residue left after washing can indicate mineral-rich hard water.

Short-lived Appliances: If appliances that use water (like dishwashers, washing machines, or water heaters) have a reduced lifespan, hard water could be the culprit.

Water Test Revelations: A home water test kit can provide you with information on your water's pH levels and its contents. High levels of contaminants are a clear sign you need filtration.


If you recognize any of these signs, it's crucial to address them promptly. King Rooter & Plumbing is here to provide top-notch water filtration installation in Boulder CO, ensuring you always have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Why Trust King Rooter & Plumbing for Your Water Filtration Needs in Boulder, CO?

Taking a deep dive into the world of water filtration can feel overwhelming. But here's a breath of fresh air: King Rooter & Plumbing is right here in Boulder, casting out a lifeline. Wondering why you should join us onboard?

Seasoned in Filtration

We didn't just stumble into water filtration yesterday. Our roots run deep in Boulder's terrain, and so does our expertise. Whether it's a simple filter switch or a full-blown installation, our track record speaks volumes. Every drop, every challenge? We've tackled it with finesse.

Honest Billing, No Surprises

We despise those sneaky add-ons as much as you do. With us, every cost is clear as crystal. No hidden charges, no last-minute "gotchas." You'll know exactly where every dime is dripping.

The Local's Go-To Choice

Our ties to Boulder give us a unique edge. We know the local water, the challenges, and the solutions like the back of our hand. This intimate knowledge means efficient problem-solving, tailor-made for Boulder’s needs.

Embracing Tomorrow's Tech Today

Embracing technology is in our DNA. Our toolkit is chock-full of the latest gizmos and gadgets that make water filtration installations and repairs look almost magical. Pair that with our seasoned expertise, and you get a blend that's hard to beat.

Diving into the world of water filtration is a breeze when you've got the right partner. And in Boulder? That partner is none other than King Rooter & Plumbing. We're here, ready to ensure every glass you pour is as pure as it gets.

Puzzled by Poor Water Quality? Dive Into Crystal-Clear Solutions with Us!

Water is life's essential. When it's tainted, everything from your morning coffee to your refreshing shower takes a hit. Don't compromise on clarity. King Rooter & Plumbing is at the forefront of transforming Boulder homes' water quality through top-tier filtration solutions.

No more second-guessing every sip or rinse. Experience water the way it's meant to be: pure, fresh, and invigorating.  Reach Out to King Rooter & Plumbing for a water filtration installation or repair tailored just for your Boulder CO home.



For any other questions or to schedule a service, don't hesitate to contact King Rooter & Plumbing. We're here to ensure Boulder residents have access to clean, safe, and freshwater.

We recommend a regular check-up at least once a year. However, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it's best to call us immediately.

The duration of a repair depends on the specific issue. Some minor repairs can be done within an hour, while more complex issues might require a few hours or a revisit after ordering specific parts.

While some homeowners opt for DIY installations, we always recommend professional water filtration installation to ensure the system is correctly set up, efficient, and safe.

King Rooter & Plumbing has experience with a broad range of systems, from simple under-the-sink filters to complex whole-house systems.

Yes, we understand the importance of clean water. We offer emergency water filtration repair to ensure your system is up and running as soon as possible.

The cost depends on the complexity of the repair. After assessing the issue, we provide a clear and upfront quote.

If you suspect an issue, it's best to stop using the system until a professional assesses it. This will prevent potential damage and ensure you're not consuming contaminated water.

Regularly changing filters, keeping the system clean, and checking for minor leaks or issues can help prolong its lifespan. However, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines.