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In some cases, the debris build-up and blockage in the sewer pipe is too severe to effectively clean the sewer line with the cabling method. Sometimes the cabling method can stir right through the grease/sludge, without successfully clearing the blockage.

This scenario would require using the sewer jetting method. Hydro jetting is a high pressure hose with a jetter head that has several small pinholes running high pressure water at a 45 degree angle. This powerful technology scours the walls of the sewer line as it pulls itself through the pipe. The jetter cleans the sewer line up to 98 percent clean, the other 2 percent that remains is just stains on the walls of the pipe. The system also keeps your pipes safe from any damage at the same time it is cleaning them. This will remove any tough sludge, grease, roots, and other debris.


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Sewer jetting can also save you money by removing all blockages in your sewer lines. If you do not locate and remove every blockage, this will cause further plumbing problems, resulting in additional costs and time for you. King Rooter & Plumbing offers thorough and effective sewer jetting services. We will locate and remove all blockage in your sewer lines. 

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