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Do you need water line repair installation, or replacement service in the Denver metro area? We are licensed and experienced water line experts, call us today for fast service at affordable prices.

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Water Line Services

  • Water line repair & replacement
  • Water line leak detection
  • Water line locating
  • Water main shut off
  • Water main service
  • Water main tap installation
  • Water meters install & replace
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Emergency water main shut off
  • Emergency water line replacement

Causes of Water Line Leaks
Homes that were built before the mid 1960’s are susceptible to rusting and developing leaks because the pipes were made of zinc plated iron or galvanized pipe. Over time the zinc coating wears off and the iron pipe is exposed to environmental elements and develops rust and corrosion. This deteriorates the pipe from the inside, and outside factors such as tree roots, soil conditions, weather changes, and landscaping projects can degrade the water lines. Galvanized pipe usually last for about forty to fifty years.

Homes built in the 1970’s and later most often have water pipes made of copper, polyethylene, or PVC. These pipes can also suffer leaks because of damage by chemicals, rocks, roots, inferior installation and shifting ground.


Water Line Repair

We are water line experts, and can handle any water line repair or replacement project in the Denver metro area.

When a water line that runs from the city water main meter to your home needs repairing or replacement, delaying this can cause major damage to your house’s foundation and create expensive water bills.

If you have a water line leak, the main priority is to restore your water service and your ability to be comfortable in your home. A water service main line repair requires special skills and training. It is important to hire experienced, trained, and skilled water line plumbing contractors who are experts in main water line repair and replacement. We are specialists in locating, repairing, and replacing water lines in the Denver metro area.

Water Line Replacement

We can handle any water line replacement and installation project.

If your water line needs to be replaced, or you need to install a new water line, there are two ways it can be done. One method is using the traditional excavation technique. The other is the trenchless “no dig” technology which enables water line replacement without digging trenches in your yard. The technique recommended will depend upon your specific project.


Water Main Replacement

Some possible reasons water mains malfunction include age, cold weather causing breaks, hard water creating holes or rot out sections that can burst, bentonite in ground causing shifts creating water main breaks, or high flucations of water pressure from the city.

King Rooter & Plumbing can fix anything from small water main leaks, to a big water main leak. We keep up with the latest technologies with water mains and replacement. We also offer in some cases, trenchless water main replacement, and emergency water main service.

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Frozen Water Lines & Pipes

When winter arrives in Denver your home or business is at risk of experiencing frozen water lines and pipes if they are not properly insulated.

Hot Shot

King Rooter & Plumbing specializes in unthawing frozen water pipes in the Denver metro area quickly. We have special equipment – Hot Shot – that puts an electrical current through the water line to thaw it out. In just a few minutes, the pipe is thawed out and water begins flowing again.

We can thaw 1-1/2″ diameter pipes up to 175 ft. long.

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How It Works

With the safe pipe thawer we can accomplish the job faster, easier, save time and money. The hot shot passes low voltage high current electricity through metal water pipes to quickly thaw frozen water lines. The hot shot heats the pipe just enough to melt a thin film of ice on the inside of the pipe, the warmer water above the ice will seep through the melted film and quickly melt the rest of the ice.


  • It is quicker, less damaging and hazardous than trying to use blow dryers, blow torches, heaters, excavating around frozen pipes in frozen ground, tearing up floors, ripping walls open to get to the water line. You can stop worrying about expensive repairs or damage. With King Rooter & Plumbing’s expertise in water pipe thawing, we can accomplish the job faster and easier – and save time and money.
  • Water can start to flow in as fast as 10 minutes in some cases. In other cases it can take signicantly longer depending on how badly the pipe is frozen, and the length of the pipe.
  • If there is damage to the water pipe once it is unthawed by King Rooter & Plumbing, fortunately you have a certified technician there that can fix your bursted water line on the spot.