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Sewer & Water Lines

King Rooter & Plumbing can handle any sewer line, water line, or septic system excavation job.

If your sewer line is experiencing any clogging, mainline blockage or repeatedly needs sewer cleaning service, this could be caused by issues such as broken, collapsed or rotted pipes.

The remedies include sewer line cleaning, repair, or complete sewer pipe replacement. We can determine what the problem is by performing a sewer video inspection, which will show us exactly what and where the problem is.

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Water Line Excavation

If your water line needs repair or replacing due to breakage, bursted line, corrosion, ground movement, foundations causing ruptures, frozen lines, we can perform water line repair or replacement. The procedures for a water line excavation would be the same as the sewer excavation process described above.

Septic System Excavation

Septic System excavation is peformed when your septic system has failed, and needs to be repaired or replaced. This excavation differs from a sewer or water line excavation because it can entail digging up a leach field which can range from 50 feet to 200 feet long depending on the size of the household. In addition, if the septic tank needs repairing or replacement, we have to excavate the septic tank as well.

Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Process

(1) The first step is for King Rooter & Plumbing to visit the customer’s location and provide a diagnosis and estimate. We will provide a main sewer line inspection and give the customer our professional recommendations to solve the problem.

(2) After we perform the inspection and diagnosis, we will provide the customer with firm upfront pricing for the sewer repair or replacement with several options. Once the customer agrees to have us perform the project, we can begin the process of doing everything that is necessary to start the job.

(3) Next we contact the proper city officials to request permits, utility locating, and coordinate inspections. This is a very important step in the process to get the project completed successfully. Once all the proper permits have been acquired, and utility locating scheduled, we can coordinate with the customer a date and time that is convenient to perform the sewer project.

4) When we arrive on excavation day, the first step is to set-up protection for your surrounding landscaping. Then we excavate down to the sewer line to access the pipe for repair or replacement. Once the sewer repair or replacement is completed, the city inspector will come to the excavation site to inspect the sewer lines to ensure that everything has been installed or repaired properly meeting all city codes and regulations.

(5) Once the sewer line has passed city inspection, we replace the excavated area with the soil that was removed to get to the pipe, and clean up the entire working area. Once the cleanup is complete and meets our standards, our service technicians will review every aspect of the job with the customer and perform a final walk-through to make sure everyting meets the customer’s expectations for their sewer repair or replacement.

Our goal is to make the excavation process as easy and efficient as possible so we can get you back to your normal lifestyle in the fastest time possible.